Highlights of Council Accomplishments

Implementing PIV with PACS

The Access Control Council guide, “Industry Recommendations for Implementing PIV Credentials with Physical Access Control Systems: A Quick Guide to Implementing Essential NIST SP 800-116 R1 Requirements,” reviews the content of SP 800-116 R1 and provides the essential information required to successfully implement PIV with PACS. Members contributing to the white paper included: ID Technology Partners; Integrated Security Technologies; Lenel; SigNet Technologies; U.S. Department of Homeland Security; XTec, Inc.

NEXGEN TWIC Specification

The Access Control Council was invited by DHS and TSA to submit comments on the NEXGEN Transportation Working Identification Credential (TWIC) specification.  The Council completed and submitted comments on the four-part specification with the following members contributing:  CertiPath; DHS; Exponent, Inc.; G+D Mobile Security; GSA; HID Global; ID Technology Partners; IDEMIA; Identiv; Integrated Security Technologies; NXP Semiconductors; SigNet Technologies; TSA; Veridt; XTec, Inc.

It was another busy and exciting year for the Payments Council. Now that contactless has started to take hold in the U.S. market, we have been working on other white papers, including one on dynamic secure code cards and another on an open payments framework for electric vehicles. We are also updating a white paper on wearables, and have a few other projects we’re just starting. I encourage everyone interesting in payments to get involved in our Council!

Oliver Manahan, Payments Council ChairInfineon Technologies

Mobile Identity on a Digital Device

The Identity Council spearheaded a number of activities focused on mobile identity, including a successful webinar series on “Mobile Identity on a Digital Device,” covering use cases for physical and logical access, higher education, airport passengers, healthcare, banking and transportation.  Members presenting in webinars included:  Exponent, Inc.; HID Global; Ingenico; Intercede; NextgenID; SEPTA.  Council members also participated in the Securing Digital ID Symposium and Securing Federal Identity Conference and contributed to new projects that are part of the Alliance mobile driver’s license initiative.

IoT Security Bootcamps and Webinars

The IoT Security Council focused on education and outreach, holding a half-day IoT security boot camp workshop and hosting three webinars on trusting data at the edge, the role of PKI in IoT, and mitigation of security risks in secure connected environments.  Member contributing to the events included:  Entrust Datacard; G+D Mobile Security; Infineon Technologies; NXP Semiconductors; UL.

Mobile Biometrics and Tokenization

The Mobile Council held member briefings to provide education on the use of tokenization and biometrics in mobile devices and the applications of mobile devices in transit.  Members presenting in the briefings include:  Cubic Transportation Systems; Rambus; UL.  Activities related to mobile devices are now integrated into all of the industry councils with each focused on specific market-related topics.

Biometric Payment Cards White Paper

The Payments Council explored new payment security technology in the white paper, “Biometric Payment Cards.”  The white paper provides a primer on biometric payment cards for issuers, issuer processors, payment networks and merchants. Members contributing to the white paper included:  American Express; CPI Card Group; Discover Financial Services; Entrust Datacard; First Data; G+D Mobile Security; Gemalto; IDEMIA; Infineon Technologies; Ingenico; Mastercard; MULTOS International; NXP Semiconductors; Rambus; Verifone; Visa.

Contactless Payments for Merchants

The Payments Council held a successful webinar, “Contactless Payments: Merchant Benefits and Considerations.” The webinar reviewed the status of contactless payment adoption, benefits of contactless for merchants, and specific implementation considerations. Speakers in the webinars included:  Infineon Technologies; Ingenico Group; NXP Semiconductors; TSYS.

Transit Payment Convergence White Paper

With contactless open payments now a reality in a growing number of major U.S. city transit systems, the Transportation Council shifted activities to look at payments across modes of transportation, publishing a white paper and hosting a successful joint workshop with the U.S. Payments Forum.  The Council white paper, “Multimodal Payments Convergence – Part Two: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementation,” describes the drivers and benefits of payments convergence, potential barriers to implementation and suggestions for actions to achieve payments convergence.  Members contributing to the white paper included:  American Express; Cardtek; Discover Financial Services; FIS; Genfare; Incomm; Invoke Technologies; Mastercard; Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC); Quadagno & Associates; Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA); U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)/Volpe Center.

All 30 Council Accomplishments

The six industry councils completed 30 projects this year, including white papers, webinars, workshops and industry commentary. Council public deliverables from 2019 are available on the Secure Technology Alliance web site. Click on a link below, and you’ll be taken off the Annual Review site and onto the Secure Technology Alliance web site. Please note that in order to return to this page, you will need to use the browser “back” button or open the link in another browser window.

Access Control Council

Identity Council

  • Mobile Identity on a Digital Device webinar series
    • Identity on a Mobile Device: Mobile Identity Proofing in Higher Education and Airport Passenger Experience Use Cases
    • Identity on a Mobile Device: Healthcare, Banking and Transportation Use Cases
    • Identity on a Mobile Device: Physical and Logical Access Control Use Cases
  • Mobile Driver’s License Initiative
  • Council Steering Committee election
  • In-person Council meeting with the Access Control Council, Washington, DC
  • Securing Federal Identity Conference
  • Securing Digital ID Symposium

IoT Security Council

Mobile Council

  • Security of Mobile Devices member briefings
    • Biometrics on Mobile Devices
    • Tokenization
    • Mobile and Transit

Payments Council

Transportation Council